Monday, November 2, 2009


Stephen and I thank God for the big and small blessings He gives us each day. Being a parent is never easy, but when we look at these two precious boys it makes every challenge worth it. They are our JOY!

picture post

check out those chunky knees!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

rolling over

This picture was taken on October 14th. Pearson had already rolled over twice that week! He would wait until I walked out of the room to do it so I missed it! I finally caught this midway of the roll, but had to video the rest!

Photography Class

So.. I have always wanted to take a photography class! This and sewing were two things I really wanted to learn how to do. I took care of the sewing last year so this year it is photography. I took a 4 week class learned so much. It takes a lot of practice so you'll will probably see more pictures of my children than you care to!!!!
Here are some shots I took of Pearson while practicing with lighting coming in from a window in our keeping room. I am definitely still learning!

I love this picture of him smiling at himself in the mirror on his playmat. He's such a sweet baby!!


I pulled Maddox's Euro bath out for Pearson and he thinks it is the greatest thing ever!!! I added a picture of Maddox in the bath when he was 4 months old. For those of you that don't know, Pearson and Maddox look NOTHING alike! You can really see it in these pictures.

Pearson at 5 months

Maddox at 4 months


On August 25th, at the ripe old age of 13 weeks, baby Pearson got tubes put in his ears!

At his 2 week appointment he had a double ear infection. We treated it with 10 days of antibiotic. When we went for his 6 week appointment he had another double ear infection. We treated it for 10 days with another antibiotic. Five days after we finished that antibiotic he began having trouble going to sleep (which hadn't been a problem before). I ended up taking him back to the Dr. only to find out that the ear infection had not gone away. They gave him a rocefen shot and put him on clindimycin, which is the strongest antibiotic they could give him. The Dr. said the next step would be IV antibiotics or tubes. I made an appointment with the ENT and the youngest he had put tubes in was a 12 weeker. Pearson meant the qualifications and was healthy so we scheduled tubes for the following Tuesday. All is well and I'm happy to say he has been ear infection free since then!!!!!!

I was really nervous and totally forgot to get a picture of him his little hospital gown (that he had an allergic reaction to!).

Friday, October 30, 2009

hanging out in the tent

I love that Maddox already wants Pearson to do things with him! He wanted Pearson to get in his tent with him. I'm sure it will change when Pearson can chase him and get into his business so I'm going to revel in it now!

how my 3 year old sleeps....

and it's not staged!


This is Maddox on his first day of three year olds at Trinity PreSchool! I am so excited about his teacher, Mrs. Lesa Nuzzo! She was my first grade teacher at St. Richards and my absolute favorite teacher ever!


Augusta (some of it) comes to us!!!!!!!

Ok.. so I really, really miss Augusta! Of course I miss my friends the most, but I do miss the simplicity of the life we had there. So.... we were super excited to have Elizabeth, Addie Dayne, & McKay come visit us for several days! We cannot wait for them to be in Hattiesburg next year so we can see them a lot more often!!!!


3 years, 5 months

typical picture

Maddox: "Smile Pearson!"
Pearson: "What the heck is going?!?"

First Shots!!!

I must say that baby shots are one of the most dreaded days for me! Pearson was not fond of them AT ALL!!! Here he his sporting his THREE band-aids!


picture only post

These were taken on July 20th. Olivia (Maddox & Pearson's cousin) has spent a lot of time at our house since baby Pearson was born! We love having such a great helper and another set of hands!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

lazy Saturday morning

Happy 60th MOM!!!!

On June 28th, my MOM turned 60!!!!!! I hope I age as well as she has!!!!

Here she is pictured with her pride and joys: Brady, Rett, Olivia, & Maddox! (Pearson was asleep on the other side of the room)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What am I going to do with this boy?!?


"Peace out Homey-G"
(one of his favorite sayings.. thanks to Jake!)

yes.. those are shoulder pads on his head to make him look like Mickey Mouse!

bubble bath

I'm not real sure!!

Beach Trip 2009

We took our annual beach trip with my sister's family at the end of June! We usually make this trip right when school is out, but we were just a "little" busy at that time!

This was a fun year because Maddox had taken swimming lessons was very comfortable in the water! He loved going out in the ocean with his floaties!

Rett & Maddox

strike a pose!

so serious

Pearson made a brief appearance! Look at those long, skinny legs!

Olivia (the best babysitter)

mutt & jeff

Mama! Please get that camera out of my face!!!!

meeting Maw Maw

On Pearson's one month birthday we took a ride to Louisiana for him to meet one of his great-grandmothers (my daddy's mother). Such sweet memories!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sweet baby parts

10 toes and 2 really long, skiny feet

tiny fingers
baby wrinkles
One afternoon while Maddox napped I set out to capture all of Pearson's sweet baby parts. This is the outcome! As I look at these I am in awe of the little miracles God creates.